Welcome to the Last Revolt!

This site is the result of the determination of a common man. The determination to solve the equation of life and universe.

This site will take you through-

The questions that man has always asked himself, like-

  1. What is the reason for my existence?
  2. Who created the universe? How does it work?
  3. Is re-incarnation a fact or a myth, can I become immortal?
  4. What is God, did God create religion?
  5. Why do we dream, do they mean anything?
  6. Why is the world unfair? Why are some people poor, some disabled, some with disease etc?
  7. Does luck exist? If yes, how does it work?
  8. etc
  9. etc

and also through the questions that he should have asked but did not, like-

  1. Why have we never found the answer to all question asked above
  2. How did we end up complicating our lives?
  3. Why is God necessary for survival of human race?
  4. Why was human being given a conscious and a subconscious mind?
  5. When exactly is a life created? When exactly does it end?
  6. What is the purpose of religion, faith, and luck in our lives?
  7. Why was human being granted the gene of intelligence?
  8. What is the future of science?
  9. etc
  10. etc

Similar to examples above, this site answers, and asks thousands of questions that will all tie back together and tell the story of the universe and life!

On that note, we invite you to become a partner in what is going to be world’s greatest literature.

The Last Revolution – in the would be history of mankind.

Let us write the most valuable story of this civilization. You can become a scientist like Einstein, and a philosopher like Osho by becoming a part of this story. Moreover, reading, and contributing to this story is also critical for your present and future.

The core of the website is to answer this question – ”How can human civilization be saved for a million years to come?”

And to support this core story, we will have to write several smaller disquisitions and also find answers to question asked in them. See list of topics.

By now you would have understood that this task is not trivial, and it is almost impossible for anyone to solve all the mysteries of life that easily. And we agree.

For this reason, this site is being made as a collaborative platform where all of us can come together, and solve the problems together. We all are rational beings, we all can reason, and we all can communicate. With the help of content on this website, we will ensure that everyone is able to answer the questions of his own life himself.

You ask How?

Given the right question and perspective, everybody has the capability to think like great scientists and philosophers of the likes of Einstein and Osho do! This may sound unbelievable, but it is true. This site, in its course will surface many such questions and perspectives, which will make you think rationally and question your own beliefs. This in turn will enable you to expand your horizons, unlock the immense capacities of your mind, and answer your own questions with little help from this site.

To be able to do this, no one needs to be an achiever, but everyone needs to be willing!

This site will also add features where you will be able to visit various other websites, and ask your questions to world famous personalities and experts.

While you are here, we would request you to spend some time on this index of subjects that we are covering in this site.

Please note that this is a work in progress, and some parts may not yet be complete. We are in constant endeavor to work with you, and thus would like to hear back from you. Please leave your comments about the site here, or on individual articles.


This website currently has articles only in Hindi language, and it is possible that there will be grammatical/spelling mistakes etc. Our request to you for now is to please focus on content, and give us your feedback. As we are trying to add more content for our patrons, we are also trying to scale up the translations, transliteration and editing. Please bear with us until we are able to create a rich experience for you here.