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Last Revolt is the dedication of an inspiring man from a small town in Uttar Pradesh, India, who has devoted over 20 years of his life to understanding the universe and life around him, and finding solutions to most challenging questions of mankind.

We are a bunch of people who came together to form a team┬áto help this enterprising man to bring his thoughts to the world. Everything about us is merely a glimpse of Mohan Bansal’s dream to make this world an inhabitable place.

On that note, we introduce to you, this man – Mohan Bansal, who made this website possible today.

Mohan took early retirement from business in his forties when he was mesmerized by the ailments of people around him. To him, the solutions to real life problems came naturally, and he always wondered why most others are not able to see simple things in life. That triggered his thought process to simplify the complexities of life, and devise a solution to all of life’s problems. As easy at it appeared in his head, he soon realized that it would not be a task that can be accomplished in a day. The more he tried to solve the problems, the more complexities he found, but determined to unroot the last level of complexities, he began this behemoth exercise of writing down the solutions of all questions he came across in his life with people around.

The result was thousands of pages of literature, inspired by world famous scientists, philosophers, researchers, spiritual teachers, and common men. This site is just an organized version of his thoughts, reading through which will unfold the truth of our lives and this universe.

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